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Tachinomi: Standing Bars

Tachinomi, or drinking while standing up, was once a salaryman culture to get a quick drink and small bite before heading home after a long work. Today, it has become popular among the youth and ladies in Japan. In big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, standing bars are becoming popular due to space constraints within bar establishments. The good news? Food and drinks at such places tend to be more affordable while quality is still as great as one might expect!

The beauty of Tachinomi is in its unusually friendly atmosphere. As compared to a common Izakaya, where people are all seated, drinking in a standing bar allows you to feel connected to everyone. You may be asked to squeeze-in or move around to accommodate new guests – and one would do so with a smile. Just watching the tiny place grow merrier through the night is excitement enough. Quick tip: Be careful not to misplace your drink!

Standing bars tend to offer a huge variety of food, ranging from kushikatsu (fried skewers) to fresh seafood. Drinks, on the other hand, involve Japan’s staple alcoholic drinks such as Sake, whisky highballs and Shochu. The next time you visit a local standing bar, look out for boxes with money inside. Some bars require you to pay upfront and at a fixed rate for their nightly special menu. Try it, cause it is often worth it!


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