Shukuu Izakaya
Rated one of the best sake bars

The Shukuu Story

Founded by four young professionals crazy about all things Japanese, Shukuu is a recreation and creative expression for every wow moment we had from our sojourns to Japan.

A trifecta of sublime foods, epic drinks, and of course - our authentic Izakaya ambience.

Our Team

Luis Liu

One of the co-founders and familiar faces of Shukuu that you’ll see on your visits to our Izakaya. Deeply passionate and truly inspired by his visits to Japan; he effuses about good food and Sakes! He is a double certified SSI International Kikisake-Shi (國際唎酒師) and SSA Certified Sake Sommelier!

Mario Choy

Truly passionate about Japanese culture, Mario is an SSA Certified Sake Sommelier that radiates a sincere love for all Japanese beverages and takes food seriously. A creative driver of Shukuu, he is passionately inventive and is constantly thinking of ways to reinvent. He's always thinking of the best food and Sake combinations of Shukuu!

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